Ranking All Major Browser’s

I Ranked All Major Browser’s, Here Are The Rankings.

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For the past month, I’ve been using all major browsers to see which ones I like. The ones I tried were Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Opera GX, Tor, Safari and Yandex. So today, I will be ranking the browsers from the ones I will use and the worst ones. At the top, the ones I highly recommend are Brave, Firefox, and Tor. Brave is really easy to transfer my Chrome bookmarks, Cookies and Passwords. Brave is privacy focused, so they automatically block ads and trackers, they now allow IPFS and has a built in Tor. Firefox is also very easy to import bookmarks and Cookies from Chrome. Firefox is also owned by Mozilla, the people that own Privacy Not Included, a really good service that tells you the privacy of items, the most recent one being dating apps. I also really like the integrations and add ons from Firefox like Relay, Monitor and others. The next one is Tor, tor is basically the government’s google. It was made by the DARPA, the technology part of the Navy, to hide what the government was doing. I highly recommend it because it hides your IP address, you can disable CSS and JavaScript and it’s just really good. Next, the good but wouldn’t use. In this tier, it’s Chrome, Opera, Opera GX, Safari, and Yandex. Chrome is the most popular browser. It’s owned by Google, an ad agency. Even if Google isn’t completely an ad company, they still sell your information. I would recommend it, but turn off the ability for them to sell your data, but still a good browser. Opera has a built-in VPN, blocks ads and trackers, easy to import bookmarks and cookies, easy customizability. It’s pretty good. Opera GX is the same, but it’s main focus is to be a game browser, it has built in discord, twitter, and Instagram, forced dark theme and whenever you close a tab, it does this sound. Really good. I just wish it had a light theme. Safari, although outdated, still is a really good browser to use. I would recommend using it on Mac more, but the windows version is still a good option. And Yandex. Yandex is basically Russian google. There is a cloud service like google drive called Yandex Disk, it has a video calling service called Yandex Telemost, it has a calendar, image search and maps. It’s a really good alternative to google. The browser has really nice images, it’s really easy to import cookies and bookmarks. But the search engine could be worked on. Next, there’s the worst tier, Microsoft edge. It’s just really slow. That’s it. Thanks for coming. Have a nice day.

Note: During The Editing Of The Video, I Started Using Vivaldi Aswell. It’s Pretty Good.

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